Industriepark-Noord 12 B-9100 SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium
+32 (0)3 776 34 13
76 1948 - 2024


Weyn-Lauwers  is a stockholding supplier of valves - flanges - fittings - pipes, in DIN and ASTM, steel and stainless steel.

Important stock of ball-, butterfly-, and diaphragm valves, gate-, globe-, bellow-, knife gate valves, pressure-, reducing- and safety valves, strainers and check valves.


Warehouse > 8000 m2, construction and automation in own warehouse


Our company was initially located in the center of Sint-Niklaas, but due to lack of expansion we moved as the first company in 1961 to the first industrial zone of the city. In that area so we were a real trendsetter.

Since then we have always remained true to this location, from where we - thanks to its central location - the whole Belgian market operate excellent. In other words, "Weyn-Lauwers true for decades as an unquestioned fixture in the business landscape."

The company has grown since 1948 to become a trading company to include valves, pipes and fittings. In recent years, we also focus increasingly on this wide range of valves. Rudi Weyn, as manager represents the third generation. The team is strengthened by sister Conny, mainly administration and adopted the accounting for its account.


Automation of valves

Weyn-Lauwers up in the market of valves with different strengths. First of all there is our large stock. Our business area of ​​8,000 square meters, we have 4000 items in stock. The offer is huge and very diversified.

We now have over ten years of its own department that specializes in the conversion and automation of valves. So we automate schuifen knife gate valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, pneumaten, engines or extension spindles, possibly equipped with limit switches, gearboxes or positioners. This allows our customers to operate the valves remotely and monitor their operation and position.

Moreover, we have a large stock and balkeerkleppen swing check, globe valves, filters, sleeve valves, solenoid valves, expansion joints, etc. A different not to be sneezed asset: the internal organization of the company. "Who is calling to us, usually gets me on the phone" Rudi.Dat continues allows us to respond very flexibly to urgent questions. We seek immediate solutions to our customers so they are helped quickly. A lot of products Weyn-Lauwers be, by customers of the company, used in water treatment projects and the process industry. Everything comes to them, although it is also possible that orders will be picked up at our warehouse. "


Answer to every question

The intense cooperation we have built worldwide by various manufacturers, has ensured that we have acquired a solid reputation. Thanks to excellent contacts we were able to expand our offerings significantly. This allows us to give a conclusive answer to virtually any question, valves, pipes, fittings, but especially whether pneumatic or electrically controlled valves in the most diverse, high quality materials.